Dan Phillips has been writing and recording as Zapruder Point in Chicago for over a decade. Singing simple yet heartfelt songs, he performs as a solo acoustic act, as a duo with drummer Larry Brown, and occasionally with a full band featuring Steve Frisbie on guitar and John Aselin on bass. Originally from Cleveland, over the years Dan has shared bills with Bill Fox, Jason Molina, Bowerbirds, The Rutabega, Anders Parker, Franklin Bruno, Canasta, Scrawl, Whitehorse, Coed Pageant, Flat Duo Jets, Terrible Parade, Earwig, Benjamin Francis Leftwich…and others (just ask him).  Dan is currently finishing songs for a new album hopefully to be released in 2016, as well as writing material for a rock musical. He plays out when he can (see “SHOWS” link).

As a teenage R.E.M. obsessive, Dan played with his twin brother Scott and childhood friend Greg Eyman in Rotary Ten.  In the mid-90’s they moved to Raleigh and became The Boy Wonder Jinx.  In 1998, “cheating” on his primary band with a four-track machine led to Zapruder Point’s hushed debut The Limitations of the Source Tape, followed by a move to Chicago and the sprawling watermark of Low Resolution in 2001 (described by Sound Opinions’ Jim DeRogatis as “much too good to remain overlooked and under-heralded”). In the early noughties, after playing bass for short-lived Feelies cover band The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness, Dan snagged husband and wife Tom Millard (drums and vocals) and Casey Riordan-Millard (violin) for sporadic midwest touring and a pair of well-received recordings (Spirit of 91 and It’s Always the Quiet Ones.)

After the trio’s dissolution and during a brief bout of unemployment in 2008, Dan recorded his first Garageband solo album, Soda & SympathyHe then formed an electric version of Zapruder Point with Steve Frisbie (guitar and vocals), John Aselin (bass) and Larry Brown (drums). A successful crowd funding campaign led to 2012’s Zapruder Point Record Club, wherein subscribers were mailed a 7” of new songs every three months (since collected in 2013’s Clicks and Whistles).  Going back to acoustic guitar in 2015, Dan now enjoys playing as a duo with drummer Larry Brown (and occasionally in a full band with Steve Frisbie and John Aselin), as well as performing solo.  He’s also working on songs for a play written by fellow Chicagoan and former college roommate John Henry Roberts, as well as embarking on his first not-home-recorded album since taking on the Zapruder Point moniker.

Though technically on Facebook and kind of on Twitter, he encourages you to join his email list, as he gets a bang out of writing goofy monthly newsletters. To find out if you like his music, cruise around his Bandcamp page.  For the odds-n-sods side of his output (instrumentals, incidentals, covers, demos and live stuff), check out his Soundcloud page. And of course you can really get a load of this guy on YouTube.